Based on long term cooperation agreements or joint venture structures, Impulse for Development is working together with experienced local partners.
The combination of local know-how, network and experiences with international experts, specialized companies & institutions, does create a well tailored project team to best develop, finance and realize the projects we are involved in.

Team Brazil

Luis Patrucco

Architect UNBA (Argentina) - MSc Tourism Planning (UCS Brazil)
Owner: Moving Consultoria Ltda
Porto Alegre - RS Brazil

Business Experience
40 years of experience in:
- regional and local development of tourism
- development of tourism products
- commercial and industrial civil construction
- project development

Academic Experience
30 years of experience in:
Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Project Development, Innovation
Brazil: PUC-RS - UCS - FSPOA-Senac-RS
Universities from Argentina, Panama, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador

Main focus:
Implementation of local and regional tourism development projects

Consultant with Projects for OAS, IDB, Mintur BR, MINT UY, MinAGR Chile, IPAT- PA, UNWTO